Professional Photography for Builders

As a professional photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing moments of beauty, emotion, and artistry through my lens. Each click tells a story, and every frame showcases the world’s unique and intricate details. Today, I want to talk about how professional photography can be an invaluable tool for local home builders. If you’re in the business of constructing dream homes, read on to discover how photography can elevate your projects to the next level.

1. First Impressions Matter

In the digital age, first impressions are often made online. Potential clients or buyers will likely begin their search for a new home on the internet, where high-quality visuals play a crucial role. Professional photography ensures that your projects are presented in the best possible light, creating an immediate and lasting impression. Bright, crisp, and well-composed photographs showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into each home.

2. Tell a Compelling Story

Photographs have a unique ability to tell a story in a single frame. Through carefully chosen angles, lighting, and composition, a skilled photographer can convey the essence of a space. Whether you want to emphasize the warmth of a cozy living room or the modern elegance of a kitchen, professional photography can help you craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience.

3. Highlight Unique Features

Every home has unique features that set it apart from the rest. Whether it’s a custom-built fireplace, a stunning view, or intricate architectural details, professional photography can capture these elements in all their glory. By showcasing these features, you can pique the interest of potential buyers and highlight what makes your homes special.

4. Build Trust and Credibility

Investing in professional photography sends a clear message to potential clients and buyers: you take pride in your work and are committed to delivering quality. High-quality images demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail, helping you build trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience.

5. Increase Engagement

Engagement is key in the competitive world of real estate. Stunning photographs are more likely to be shared on social media, viewed on property listing websites, and featured in marketing materials. The more engaging your visuals, the more attention your projects will receive, potentially leading to faster sales and increased interest for potential future clients.

6. Maximize Marketing Potential

Professional photographs are versatile assets that can be used across a wide range of marketing channels. From your website and social media profiles to brochures and advertisements, these images can be leveraged to create a cohesive and visually appealing marketing strategy that reaches a broader audience.

7. Showcase Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card, and it’s essential to keep it updated with your latest projects. Professional photography ensures that your portfolio reflects your work accurately and impressively. It allows potential clients to browse your past projects and get a sense of your style and capabilities.

In conclusion, professional photography is a powerful tool for local home builders. It enhances your online presence, tells a compelling story, and builds trust with potential clients. By investing in high-quality photography, you’re not just capturing images; you’re capturing the hearts and imaginations of those who dream of building or renovating their perfect home.

If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level and showcase your craft in the best possible light, consider partnering with a professional photographer like myself.

Some of our clients we have photographed their build projects for over the years include reputable local builders like Brie Equities, Coastline Builders, Kranos Constructions

Together, we can turn your vision into captivating images that will leave a lasting impression on your audience and help you achieve your goals in the competitive world of home construction. Contact me today, and let’s start capturing the beauty of your projects through the lens of professional photography.

If you would loke an idea of price you can download our latest Builders Photography price list right here

Dance Composite Photography – A Visual Symphony


Dance photography is an art form that beautifully captures the grace, emotion, and athleticism of dancers in motion. It freezes moments in time, allowing us to relive the magic of a performance. But what if we told you there was a way to elevate dance photography even further? Enter composite images, a cutting-edge technique that combines multiple photos to create stunning, surreal, and visually captivating dance compositions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of dance composite photography and explore how this innovative approach can take your dance photography to new heights.

“Ballet is believing you can”
(three image Dance Composite Photography. Two are the original photo, one is a composite images used in this composite image, background and flooring are AI generated, with lighting and effects)

The Art of Dance Composite Photography

Dance composite photography is the fusion of artistic vision, technical skill, and post-processing wizardry. It involves capturing dancers in various poses and locations and then seamlessly merging these images to create a visually striking masterpiece. The possibilities are endless, from surreal levitation to breathtaking group formations – composite images unlock a world of creative potential.

Planning the Dance Composite Photography Shoot

Before diving into the world of dance composite photography, meticulous planning is essential. Here are some key steps to consider:

a. Conceptualize a Vision: Begin by envisioning the final composite image you are after. What story or emotion do you want to convey? Think about your costumes, props, and location to bring your vision to life.

b. Select a Location: Choose a location that complements your concept. Firstly it can be a studio style shoot on a light or dark backdrop or it can be something unique like an elegant ballroom, an urban landscape, or a natural setting. The right location will enhance the overall composition, but a poorly chosen one may not result in the final image concept you have set out to acheive.

c. Lighting and Gear: We will ensure we have the right lighting equipment and camera gear to capture high-quality images. Sometimes we need to experiment with different lighting setups to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere, but this is all part of the fun.

d. Choreography and Poses: We work closely with you to choreograph the movements and poses required for each shot. Precision is key to achieving seamless composites.

Dance Composite Photography - Sunset pirouette
“Sunset pirouette”
(Dance composite photography using backlighting techniques, we created an image that reflected the natural environment)

Capturing the Dance Composite Photography Images

On the day of the photo shoot we focus on capturing a series of high-resolution images that will serve as the building blocks for your composite. Paying attention to details like lighting consistency and camera angles to ensure a harmonious final result.

Generally we will require a number of images to choose the best ones to work with.

Post-Processing Dance Composite Photography

The real magic happens in post-processing. Here are the steps we use to create your dance composite masterpiece:

a. Image Selection: Firstly we choose the best images from your shoot and import them into our preferred photo editing software.

b. Masking and Layering: Then we carefully mask and layer the selected images, blending them together seamlessly. This requires a keen eye for detail and advanced editing skills.

c. Generating Assets and Backgrounds: We also use the latest AI technology to generate scenery and backgrounds to create the magic of our composite images, this really then ensures your image is a one off peice of artwork, more so than a photo of you that is placed on a generic background.

d. Color Correction and Enhancement: We then adjust colors, contrast, and brightness to create a cohesive look throughout the composite.

e. Fine-Tuning the Final Image: Then paying attention to the smaller details, such as hair, clothing, and shadows, we can ensure realism in your composite, and an image that is as close as possible to a photograph, yet is still a one off creation unique to you only.

Dance Composite Photography - Alone in light
“Alone in light”
(Dance Composite Photography with AI generated room then adding shadows and lights)

Showcasing Your Final Images

Once your composite image has been completed, it’s time to showcase it. We will deliver the final image electronically in low and high resolution so you can immediately upload it to social media and share with anyone, or print it to hang onto your walls at home or the studio. And as we are always so super proud of every image that comes out of our studio, we will also share and show off how amazing it looks.

And if you are a dance studio trying to entice new clients to enroll, this style of imagery is an amazing way to show the artform that dancing is.

Dance Composite Photography - Light can form darkness and shadows can take shape and form
“Light can form darkness and shadows can take shape and form”
(Dance Composite Photography using backlit original photo, the shadow of the photo and multiple AI generated images, with shadows, lighting and effects blended together)


Dance composite photography is a captivating blend of creativity and technical expertise that can breathe new life into your dance studio business. By planning meticulously, capturing stunning images, and the art of post-processing, we can create awe-inspiring composite images that resonate with viewers, enhance your online presence and increase your chances of securing new clients. So, embrace the magic of dance composite photography and let yours and our imagination soar.

If you’re ready to explore the world of dance composite photography or are looking for a professional photographer who specialize in this art form, contact Troy Adams on 0431467940, email or fill out our contact us form online.

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Check out our gallery of dancing images on our website for inspiration.

We’re here to turn your dance dreams into breathtaking visual realities.

Professional Dance Photography

Professional dance photography is an important part of development at any stage of a dancers career. Not only does it boost your confidence, but it provides a critical set of images that showcases your talent and specific styles.

Having two young dancers who are developing their skills and abilities every week i am so pleased to be able to offer professional dance photography to studios locally to us in Newcastle NSW or any location that i am able to travel too.

Our main focus is on artisticly shot images where we shape the light to suit the dancers style and attire of choice. We love long flowing dresses, stage costumes and also beautifully shaped leaps and poses in a basic leotard that show off your years of hardwork.

Using high speed lighting and professional camera equipment, we are able to “freeze” the motion as it happens, meaning clear crisp images that will be stunning and sharp for use online and social media, or print material for professional portfolios that you can take with you to any dance studio to show off your amazing talent.

We can come to your studio and set up one of our backdrops and lighting to photograph one or all of your dancers and provide a number of images for them to choose from after the shoot. See some examples here.

Images range from basic edits straight out of camera to full background swaps or composite images that you would be proud to have printed on a canvas, or any other form and hung on the wall as a masterful artpeice that reflects your talent and the artform that any style of dancing is.

full composite image of a dancer with the dress flowing off and breaking apart
composite mirror image of a dancer, striking lighting

So why not get in touch with me today to find out more about are affordable pricing options and how we can work in with your studio and dancers to capture some of their amazing talent, or we can even come and just photograph your end of year concert as it happens on stage, providing sharp clear high res images that parents can purchase as memories of the show as it happened.

You can download our basic price structure for your dance studio or location photo shoot sessions here.

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Street Ballet Photography

Street Ballet Photography

Like all art forms and sport there is always years and years of hard work, dedication, practice and commitment on so many levels. With ballet being an art form and also a sport combined, the dedication and commitment is on another level altogether. And to be allowed to do some street ballet photography is certainly a great privilege when it comes to capturing such a young dedicated dancer.

Being a photographer i am so lucky to be able to see so many different sports, arts and events that i can somehow truly appreciate the work that goes into each and every one of them.

I am also a parent, and a step parent. So my son is involved in tennis and has spent years practicing this sport, his dedication to it is outstanding and his commitment to get better and better each time he trains and plays is next level.

Being a step dad to 2 young ladies who love dancing is also another exciting part of my every day routine. Taking them to lessons, watching them on stage, being there when they fall, cry or fail and seeing their triumphs and achievements is just another whole level of life.

The other night I asked our young ballerina if she would like to have a few photos out on the road and she most willingly obliged, And next week we are heading to caves beach to do some sunrise photos, which i am most excited about.

Here are a few images from our little street ballet photography session.

So if you are after some images for your ballerina, be it on location, at home or even in the studio, then contact us here or give me a call on 0431467940 and we can discuss options.

You can also check out some of our work here too and get some inspiration along the way.

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Never Forget the Small Details

When you have spent so much time and effort to prepare every fine detail for your wedding day. The ceremony details, the flowers to all the small table decorations and reception decorations. You need to be confident that your Wedding Photographer captures all of this as part of the photography package.

Gorgeous paper crane at Andrew and Shokus wedding

As we have years of wedding photography experience, along with many other photography aspects like food photography and product photography, we make sure that we do not miss a thing.

Its very important to discus these things with your photographer to make sure that they not only capture every moment but they also capture every fine detail for your wedding day, as after the day has come and gone and the items have been packed away, its to late to capture them in their specific location. Even down to how the lighting setup shows all the details and will give you memories of how your day unfolded for ever and a day.

Contact us today to find out how we can be a part of your special day, to make sure we blend seemlessly in and assist you to capture the most memorable moments along with all the small details.

Prepare every fine detail for your wedding day with ceremony chair details

We just love the chair details at the cermony, utilising gorgeous ribbons that match seemlessly with the bridesmaids dresses.

Prepare every fine detail for your wedding day with flowers in the aisle

This thoughtful addition to the ceremony using flower petals in the aisle may only be a small detail, but it just adds to the total overall effect of the wedding design.

Prepare every fine detail for your wedding day including the reception decor and views

Table decor and setup is a big factor to how your guests will enjoy the night. Laid out perfectly and precisely it gives the room a gorgeous fun atmosphere and helps the theme that has been laid out to be carried over from ceremony to reception.

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