Street Ballet Photography

Street Ballet Photography

Like all art forms and sport there is always years and years of hard work, dedication, practice and commitment on so many levels. With ballet being an art form and also a sport combined, the dedication and commitment is on another level altogether. And to be allowed to do some street ballet photography is certainly a great privilege when it comes to capturing such a young dedicated dancer.

Being a photographer i am so lucky to be able to see so many different sports, arts and events that i can somehow truly appreciate the work that goes into each and every one of them.

I am also a parent, and a step parent. So my son is involved in tennis and has spent years practicing this sport, his dedication to it is outstanding and his commitment to get better and better each time he trains and plays is next level.

Being a step dad to 2 young ladies who love dancing is also another exciting part of my every day routine. Taking them to lessons, watching them on stage, being there when they fall, cry or fail and seeing their triumphs and achievements is just another whole level of life.

The other night I asked our young ballerina if she would like to have a few photos out on the road and she most willingly obliged, And next week we are heading to caves beach to do some sunrise photos, which i am most excited about.

Here are a few images from our little street ballet photography session.

So if you are after some images for your ballerina, be it on location, at home or even in the studio, then contact us here or give me a call on 0431467940 and we can discuss options.

You can also check out some of our work here too and get some inspiration along the way.

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