My name is Troy Adams and i am the owner and creative director of Adams Photography & Creative Design. We offer Wedding Photography, Dance Photography, Real Estate Photography and a host of other photography and videography services.

Wedding Photography in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley and Central Coast is something i have always loved being a part of, and my simple yet creative and candid style is reflective of my nature and will suit your wedding day perfectly. I have years of experience and can work with you seemelessly to ensure that i capture your day, the smiles and emotions as it unfolds. Check out some real weddings.

wedding photography

Our dance photography techniques are truly reflective of the creativity that dance offers to its participants. If you are after a fine art print to hang on your gorgeous ballerinas bedroom wall, or just a host of images to pop in your family gallery, then chat to us today about how we can adapt to your studio, home or location to create beautiful long lasting images. You can view some more images here.

And with over 12 years building and construction experience and combined with my 10 years Photography & Videography experience in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas i have been creating amazing designs, helping numerous clients with renovations and extension ideas, taking amazing images, telling beautiful stories and documenting many memories in my time.

From concept designs, small renovations and also local Real Estate Photography & Video work in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, thru to Wedding Films and Wedding Photography in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and even Sydney areas. I love every part of my work and where it takes me.

Real Estate Photography

One aspect of my job I particularly enjoy is Food Photography. One reason is I love food and I also love to cook, but taking creative images of food for restaurants is important for the marketing and attraction of new and exisiting clientele.

Food Photography

The people i get to meet along the way are probably the most important part as i get to be a part of their lifes journeys and trusted to document many special moments in time.

Check out my portfolio and get in touch to find out how i can help you with your renovation or home extension design or be ther to capture a part of your special day, document your memorable moment or just help you to create beautiful images or videos to showcase your business in this ever changing digital world.

I look forward to connecting with you about your Renovation and Construction project, Wedding Films, Wedding Videos, Wedding Photography or any other Home Design or Photography or Videography requirment you may have.

Wedding Photography

I would love to say that photographing your wedding is us telling a story, but to be honest that story is being written by you and it is constantly changing throughout your life and the next chapter you are about to add is your wedding day, which is why you choose the perfect wedding photographer to be there to help capture that story.

Hunter valley wedding photo

We all know how important adding valuable content to a story is, but its no good if you just think or see it, without documenting it as it happens. And thats what we do, thats our job. With years of wedding photography and videography experience, we know the angles and the moments before they happen. We can help along the way with timing and making sure that day is about you, your family and friends, plus we are also pretty good at crowd control, becuase in all honesty you are not there for that, you are there to take in the day, and let it unfold like the page of a magazine. And let us fill those pages with the memories that you create.

This is what i love about wedding photography, being there to capture those amazing emotions, the spontaneous moments, the fun, the tears, the laughter and the beers. So if you are planning your wedding in the Hunter Valley or surrounding areas, Newcastle CBD, Lake Macquarie, Sydney or even anywhere, as we love to travel too, then drop us a line, give us a call or send us an email and we can have a little chat about what we do.

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Dance Photography

Dance Photography, where the art of movement and expression comes to life through captivating images. Our passion is to freeze those fleeting moments of grace, power, and emotion that dancers bring to the stage. Whether it’s the elegance of ballet, the energy of jazz, or the fluidity of contemporary and lyrical dance, our photography skills are dedicated to preserving the essence of dance in every shot

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Real Estate Photography

With over 10 years experience in the industry and having photographed thousands of homes in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, you can rely on us to effeciently and professionally take the best angles and edit them to ensure your online marketing presence gains the highest possible reach.

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