Visual Art Display Centre – Concept Design

While studying Architecture we were asked to create a structure that enhanced the local urban surroundings.

Although this was a concept design i took it very seriously with the opportunity to create a contrasting structure that could be seen as a way to preserve the look and feel of a Moreton Bay Fig tree that has been standing in place for over 100 years. This design concept was broken into 3 parts. The initial structure, that could be viewed and enjoyed by anyone passing by, or you could just simply walk through and take in its form. The second was a simple technology based structure that a single user could generate uniqe art painted by a robot arm and this was then displayed in the larger core structure that multiple people or families could view and walk through. Displaying all or any art form on its 6 large central LED screens, while creating a calm and relaxing environment that mimicked the form and presence of the large fig tree.

This was such a fun and exciting concept and a very challenging assignment due to the limited time restraints and the high quality of the finished product i set out to acheive. Utilizing Autocad plus 3d drawing software and a lot of rendering in photoshop to create a finished product that one day i would love to see built.

You can view the completed portfolio in PDF form here