Our Creative Design Process

This is just a quick outline of what we offer and how we operate.

We offer a design and consultation service, not a complete building package. We can either work with your builder of choice of recommend to you one that we know and trust.

Our service is concept design only at this stage and any full council approved fees and construction plans (if required) will need to be arranged by the builder. We can discuss all of this with your builder and pass on any drawings and information we have to make their job as easy as possible for this part of the process. We will also provide your builder with drawings and details for any minor or non council approved changes that have been designed to fit your requirements.

Firstly we will arrange a meeting with you at your home. This initial consultation is to meet and greet and discuss what it is you are potentially trying to acheive, to make sure we are a good fit for each other and discuss the stages of our relationship throughout the whole process. This of course is at no cost to you at this stage and is also obligation free, and while i am there i will do some initial hand sketching and take notes to come up with a proposal and a basic design concept.

Some important questions i will ask you while i am there at our first meeting

  • Do you have a builder in mind? (and dont worry of you do not as i can recommend a number of reputable builders i know and trust).
  • Do you have a budget in mind? (although i wont discuss pricing with you as this is up to the builder)
  • What are your overall ideas and requirements for the changes?
  • Would you like me to be involved on the whole process from design through to completion?
  • And a number of other questions depending on your requirements as we discuss things.

After our initial meeting i will email you a basic design concept sketch and outline a quote along with some information on how i can help you to acheive the desired results.

And throughout the whole process we are easily contactable for any questions or problems that may arise, plus during the construction phase we will arrange site visits with you and the builder to discuss and check progress on the project.

So get in contact with us ASAP and get started on your renovation or construction project

Visual Art Display Centre – Concept Design

While studying Architecture we were asked to create a structure that enhanced the local urban surroundings.

Although this was a concept design i took it very seriously with the opportunity to create a contrasting structure that could be seen as a way to preserve the look and feel of a Moreton Bay Fig tree that has been standing in place for over 100 years. This design concept was broken into 3 parts. The initial structure, that could be viewed and enjoyed by anyone passing by, or you could just simply walk through and take in its form. The second was a simple technology based structure that a single user could generate uniqe art painted by a robot arm and this was then displayed in the larger core structure that multiple people or families could view and walk through. Displaying all or any art form on its 6 large central LED screens, while creating a calm and relaxing environment that mimicked the form and presence of the large fig tree.

This was such a fun and exciting concept and a very challenging assignment due to the limited time restraints and the high quality of the finished product i set out to acheive. Utilizing Autocad plus 3d drawing software and a lot of rendering in photoshop to create a finished product that one day i would love to see built.

You can view the completed portfolio in PDF form here

Rankin Park Back Deck Update

Our client wanted the dated back deck to match the interior of the newly renovated home we had been involved in. And with a good base and newly refurbished roof sheeting we designed a small extension that allowed for a drying area that came off the pool space and keeping the existing deck enclosed under the existing roof and the ability to open it up completely for entertaining at pool parties or close it off to the flies and bugs at night we took on this small challenge.

Utilizing modern decking that wont date or breakdown and with the pool close by wont rot away we gave the client some basic options that saw this small project completed under budget.

Rankin Park Rumpus Room Conversion

Our client wanted a getaway space they could call their own, and the unused dark and dated rumpus room which was large and open just happened to be the perfect blank canvas for a new and fresh bedroom design.

On a budget and with the client undertaking some of the heavy work themselves we set about designing a practical layout that converetd this space to a light and modern bedroom with an open home office space a walk in robe and an updated ensuite.

And one major consideration was given to the size of the WIR. It had to be big and practical, so we made sure this worked well within the space and was practical.

The flooring we recommended was perfect as the pool just outside the double glass doors would see wet feet using the ensuite and also walking from the ensuite to the robe we wanted it to last.