Professional Dance Photography

Professional dance photography is an important part of development at any stage of a dancers career. Not only does it boost your confidence, but it provides a critical set of images that showcases your talent and specific styles.

Having two young dancers who are developing their skills and abilities every week i am so pleased to be able to offer professional dance photography to studios locally to us in Newcastle NSW or any location that i am able to travel too.

Our main focus is on artisticly shot images where we shape the light to suit the dancers style and attire of choice. We love long flowing dresses, stage costumes and also beautifully shaped leaps and poses in a basic leotard that show off your years of hardwork.

Using high speed lighting and professional camera equipment, we are able to “freeze” the motion as it happens, meaning clear crisp images that will be stunning and sharp for use online and social media, or print material for professional portfolios that you can take with you to any dance studio to show off your amazing talent.

We can come to your studio and set up one of our backdrops and lighting to photograph one or all of your dancers and provide a number of images for them to choose from after the shoot. See some examples here.

Images range from basic edits straight out of camera to full background swaps or composite images that you would be proud to have printed on a canvas, or any other form and hung on the wall as a masterful artpeice that reflects your talent and the artform that any style of dancing is.

full composite image of a dancer with the dress flowing off and breaking apart
composite mirror image of a dancer, striking lighting

So why not get in touch with me today to find out more about are affordable pricing options and how we can work in with your studio and dancers to capture some of their amazing talent, or we can even come and just photograph your end of year concert as it happens on stage, providing sharp clear high res images that parents can purchase as memories of the show as it happened.

You can download our basic price structure for your dance studio or location photo shoot sessions here.

Call Troy Adams on 0431467940 or email or fill out our contact us form online.

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