Our Creative Design Service

During our initial sit down and discussion we can quickly sketch out some basic ideas which will help you visualise your modifications or additions. This can be drawn over digital photographs we can capture while we are there, making it easy and fun for you to see what your ideas could and would look like. Of course we will most certainly offer and add in any advice and guidance we see fit, or we can even come up with a total design concept for you.

The following images are of a clients front patio who wanted to update and modernize the front of their home to coincide with some internal improvements we recently designed for them.

Intial Photograph of clients front patio
Hand sketch over photo to show concept
Hand render of front patio showing colours and ideas which is easy for a builder to visualize and price

Being able to conceptualize visually what we were thinking made our client fully understand what could be done to provide a fairly simple, yet sophisticated update. And becuase of thier love for chilli, we thought a few easily accessible planter boxes dedicated to the love of this fruit would be a fantastic addition as well.

Now this image along with our site measurements and written material and job specification form can be taken to a builder and quoted without any surprises or uncertainty. Making the whole process from idea, design to pricing and construction run extremely smooth and hassle free.