Never Forget the Small Details

When you have spent so much time and effort to prepare every fine detail for your wedding day. The ceremony details, the flowers to all the small table decorations and reception decorations. You need to be confident that your Wedding Photographer captures all of this as part of the photography package.

Gorgeous paper crane at Andrew and Shokus wedding

As we have years of wedding photography experience, along with many other photography aspects like food photography and product photography, we make sure that we do not miss a thing.

Its very important to discus these things with your photographer to make sure that they not only capture every moment but they also capture every fine detail for your wedding day, as after the day has come and gone and the items have been packed away, its to late to capture them in their specific location. Even down to how the lighting setup shows all the details and will give you memories of how your day unfolded for ever and a day.

Contact us today to find out how we can be a part of your special day, to make sure we blend seemlessly in and assist you to capture the most memorable moments along with all the small details.

Prepare every fine detail for your wedding day with ceremony chair details

We just love the chair details at the cermony, utilising gorgeous ribbons that match seemlessly with the bridesmaids dresses.

Prepare every fine detail for your wedding day with flowers in the aisle

This thoughtful addition to the ceremony using flower petals in the aisle may only be a small detail, but it just adds to the total overall effect of the wedding design.

Prepare every fine detail for your wedding day including the reception decor and views

Table decor and setup is a big factor to how your guests will enjoy the night. Laid out perfectly and precisely it gives the room a gorgeous fun atmosphere and helps the theme that has been laid out to be carried over from ceremony to reception.

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