Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer – part 4

Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer.


Part 4 – Final delivery options and Inclusions.


So you have done some research, and you have possibly come to the decision that its all to hard. Well it isn’t, really we all have our own style, what we include and how we operate on the day. So stick with it, you will be rewarded in the end with an amazing film and memories from your day.

You have also possibly heard some new terms as well, like – Cinematic v’s Video. RAW footage, Feature Film, Chaptered DVD and so one. Again, we all do things a little different. We all have a different style and we all believe in giving you “The Client” value for your money.

Just try and find a style that you like, one that includes good quality sound, footage and the footage is colour corrected as well. This will ensure all of the footage matches and has great look.

My style is cinematic – which i feel is a term loosely used by a lot of videographers (but widely understood by the end consumer) to lead you into the value for money way of thinking. Cinematic is generally the use of 2 or more camera angles to create a seamless sequence of images to encourage the viewer into believing that the particular scene was shot using multiple cameras at the same time.

For example during a scene you may see the dress hanging from a tree or arbor. The first shot (usually 3 to 5 seconds) will be a wide shot. Then the second shot (usually the same length) will be a wide to medium shot from another angle, and the third and fourth will be a different angle and closer to the dress. This will give you a sequence of approx 15 to 25 seconds of footage, thus making a scene.

A lot of time goes into making this one scene – to add to others to make a film. So during bridal and groom prep – one videographer can take multiple shots and create very interesting scenes that all work together.

During the ceremony (which is a major component of the day), you really need a minimum of 3 camera angles to create a great finished film. But you dont necessarily need 3 videographers. you really need one or 2 main angles and a third that is creative. This again is how i work on the day.

I tend to film alone on the day – i find this is the least intrusive option (for you and your guests), and having the use of multiple cameras during the ceremony and reception can give you an excellent final product

You don’t necessarily need 2 or 3 videographers following you around on the day, getting in your face, competing with the photographer and your guests. What you need is a person that will treat you, the groom, your family and friends like an equal. Blend in, and be a part of the day.

So how do you know what you are going to get after the wedding. You have just read that you really shouldn’t be paying for a videographer to stand there and film you from the front – in the way of your guests with sound only being recorded by the camera. But you also don’t need a big production team either.

I will take this opportunity to make a statement. If you ever watch a 90 minute feature film- be it a hollywood production or an independent film, it has taken weeks, months or perhaps years to film. Multiple crew members, cameras, rigs, makeup, wardrobe, scripts etc etc etc. Then add endless special effects and editing to deliver a final product that is ready for the screen. Now im not saying your wedding video should be a hollywood production. But it should be prepared professionally.

What i am saying is that we as videographers only get 6, 8, or 10 hours to film your day. You are not an actor. So we all need to work together and efficiently to ensure you get a product that is way above an average “Old Style” wedding video. We need to get as much footage as we can on the day to make those “Mini Sequences” to create scenes that will give you a finished wedding film that you will not only cherish (lets face it – you paid for it and it does star you), but you will want to watch it over and over, show your friends and family and be proud of it. Not watch it once, skip to the good bits and then place it on the shelf for your childrens childrens to watch when they get married.

What i like to give my clients is value for money. so first you get “The Highlight Film” – this is a 3 to 5 minute clip. My style doesn’t get you a 3 to 5 minute clip of “The Good Bits” with a music track. It gives you a Short story “Love Story Filmette”. This is a short film that contains dialog from your day, sequences and scenes made up from the footage, a unique music track that is actually “Licensed” to be used online and shown in public and is actually a short version of the finished product.

The finished product is a “Feature Film”. This film runs for approx 20 minutes and will allow you to watch your day in full, in style. Its a multi camera, fully edited production using dialog and music tracks from your day. Its a feature that you will watch over and over again (no need to even touch the remote). And i also include the full ceremony and speeches in a “Special Features” section on the DVD.

Okay so thats what i do – im hoping this gives you some insight and ability to ask questions and expect the best from your day, without having to pay a “Small Car” price for it.

To find out more contact me at Adams Photography & Videography. And talk to me about how i can film your day, and provide you with a great quality product.

In my final post i will give you some hints, tip and what to do next – ie arrange to meet the videographer. Not the business, but the person who is actually going to film on your day. What questions to ask and when to expect your final film.

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