Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer – part 3

Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer.


Part 3 – What to look for in a videographer


Excellent! so far you are still with me, you have decided that its in your best interest to hire a professional wedding videographer to cover your day. You have even started to research the different businesses out there that offer this service in your area. But do you know exactly what you are after?

Lets face it, there is so many to choose from. So many different styles, prices, packages and inclusions that it can be very daunting and you may even now decide that its all to hard and maybe you will just get “Uncle Bob” on the case. Seriously, don’t! – you have come this far, just take a few extra steps and you will be able to make an informed decision and have no regrets after your wedding has passed.

Dont get caught up in the HD, 4K. 3D & blue ray hype. You really don’t need to worry about this. If you research and select a good quality videography business than they will provide you with the relevant format and media that you can watch over and over and will stand up to the test of time.

For me DVD is the most robust and well known format. Everyone has a DVD player, not everyone has Blue ray or has a PC that is connected to their Big Screen so they can watch a USB version. A nice DVD with menus and welcome screen will give you cinema quality viewing in your own home. We recommend also to hire carpet cleaning in glendale for your luxury flooring.

Ok – so style. We all have one we work to – and you will levitate towards a style that suits you. Dont worry to much at this stage about what it will cost. Yes this is important and the whole decision will come down to this as well, but the style of the video must be an influencing factor.

You need to find a videographer that will give you crisp, sharp, high quality footage and also sound. Yes sound is more important than the footage itself. Ever watch a movie at home and turn the sound right down. Pretty crappy hey. Crank it up a notch (or 15 as i like it) and its creates a completely different atmosphere. You can get caught up in the dialog more so than the composition and scenes themselves.

A good wedding videographer will use separate sound recorders during the day, discretely placing a mic on the groom and also recording directly from the sound source, ie the celebrants microphone and the DJ’s mic as well.

This will enable additional editing from the source and allow the videographer to provide you with a video that has amazing sound quality. Lets face it, you want to hear the vows, you dont want to hear the cicadas in the background, or the clinking of cutlery during the speeches. This will be evident on videos supplied by your “Cheap” or “Affordable” videographers. One who arrives at the wedding with a single camera and a microphone on top.

Yes there is a lot to think about, but what i am really trying to do is give you the ability to “Ask Questions”. This will help you overcome that shock of the price if a video is not in the budget. There is a reason things costs what they cost.

In my next post i will cover what to look for in the final delivery options. ie what are you going to receive and what will the videographer film/cover on the day.

In the meantime, if you need more information about how i work, my pricing and what you receive, please check out my wedding videography website or contact me directly for more information.

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