Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer – part 2

Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer.


Part 2 – Where to start looking


So you have finally made the initial decision that “Uncle Bob” may just not cut it on your wedding day – Remember it may just be the most important day in your life and you wont get another shot at it.

So what do you do now? – Im glad you asked that question ………

Some of you may of had a friend or family member recently marry, and they may or may not of had a wedding videographer. Start by asking them first if they had one. They may even have a friend or a friend of a friend that has or knows a really great videographer.

But if they did have one at their wedding and werent happy please dont be turned away here, they probably just didnt pick the right one. And if they didnt have one, maybe ask them why not.

Google is a great tool to use. It not only has loads and loads of information, but it can be done from home, work or on the move. Just start searching for “Wedding Videographers” in your local area. For example “Wedding Videographer Newcastle NSW” – or Wedding Videographer Hunter Valley NSW”

One key thing is to just keep the search terms broad. Dont start typing words like “Affordable” or “Cheap”. Yes they will give you a list, but no you may not get all of the good ones show up. And “Cheap” doesnt necesarily mean that they will be as inexpensive as you may think. Plus remember that you get what you pay for.

Wedding expos are also a great location to visit (and no doubt you may of already done this in your initial wedding planning phase) but they may only have a small handful of wedding videographers that are displayed there.

I have found that most of my enquiry comes from past client recommendations, social media and google searches. Wedding expos generally add an expense to the business running costs which in turn will be passed on to you in the bottom price.

So now you know where to start looking, but what are you looking for? Just a video or something a little different, special and unique to your day. Well once again, its the most important day in your life, shouldnt you have something unique and of the best quality that you can afford.

In the next post i will cover “What to look for”, but until then why not contact us here at Adams Photography & Videography and find out what we can offer you on this unique and once in a lifetime journey that you are about to embark on.

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