Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer – part 1

Why & How to Choose a Wedding Videographer.


Part 1 – The Initial Decision


So the wedding date is set, and you have arranged the venue, the cake, the dress, the bridesmaids outfits, shoes, jewellery, the grooms suit and groomsmens attire, the flowers for the venue, the bouquet, the celebrant, the transport, the DJ or band, hair and makeup all booked plus also the photographer.

Which means you are done and ready for the big day – its only 4 weeks away and you are counting. Or perhaps you are very organized and have booked everything 12 months in advance (and lets face it – if you want the best then sometimes you need to do this for most wedding suppliers).

You have everything under control. The MC has his run sheet, the DJ has all of the music, the venue knows what meals to serve and the times to serve them. You cant wait and the nerves are setting in. You begin to run through the “Have i done everything?” checklist. Yep all good to go. You remember your friends wedding last April. How amazing it was, it was so perfectly organized. The food was excellent. The ceremony was magical. The venue was stunning – and the dress – oh the dress was just a knock out.

Yep – good to go. You will have the most amazing day and make some incredible memories. Memories that will be preserved by your Photographer. And memories you and your fiancee will always have to tell your children and their children.

But what about what the celebrant said about you during the ceremony, what about your vows, the ring exchange, the weather, the lighting, the bridal party entrance at the reception, the speeches and reactions to what was said, the cake cutting, the first dance and the bouquet/garter toss. Will photos be enough for you to remember them all in years to come. Photos capture memories and freeze moments in time. But a video will provide you with a moving and talking memory of your day. “What did Fred say during his speech?” & “Dads speech was so beautiful and full of emotion I’m sure the photos will show this” – but they wont.

So you could have “Uncle Bob” video the ceremony for you. And your guests have iphones – so that should be cool. And he can also roll the camera during the speeches for you. The dance will be captured by loads of onlookers holding their phones upright taking video – yes all good. Or have I got you thinking that “hey maybe that just wont do”. Maybe “Uncle Bob” may miss some, maybe his battery will go flat or maybe he just wants to enjoy himself on the day and will be so full of joy (beer) for us that he may even forget to record the speeches. I-Phone footage, not bad for outside during the day, but its very shaky and the sound wont be great. And you will have to “get a copy of it from Mary, Paul, cousin┬áBill and oh I think mum had one she used during the day as well”.

Its not really much different than having your photography coverage of the day captured by a family member, or a friend with a “Good Camera” now is it. Would you risk your most important day in your life, one you have spent a house deposit on to be captured by friends and family. I think not. You would definately pay a professional who has covered hundreds of weddings, knows what is happening and is about to happen, knows where to stand and not get in the way. Wont be in your face and will give you amazing beautiful photos that you will have to keep for yours and your children and your childrens children.

So what about that video – it is now probably a good time to do some investigations, even though it may not be in the budget, it may be a good idea to seriously consider having a professional cover the most important day of your life and just stretch that budget a little further. You cant put a price on memories.

But where do you start? What do you look for? How much will it cost me? How much should i spend? Should i just get the ceremony & speeches covered? – All of these questions now come up and it can be very daunting. But ill try and break it down for you in a series of posts to come.

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Stay tuned and good luck on your big day – Remember, you are only going to get one shot at this so make it last a lifetime……..


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