Wedding Videography with “Love Story Filmette”

Love Story Filmette

For me, being able to video a wedding is an amazing way of capturing the day for the couple, their family & friends.

Adding creativity to the finished film is something i take a lot of pride in – but i also take gathering the initial footage very seriously.

A bride and groom do not want someone standing right in front of them during the bridal procession and ceremony with a camera jammed down their throats. I film in a discreet manner – and also use a number of fixed camera angles that can add value to the finished film.

Gathering and recording the footage requires patience, skill and knowledge of the subject. Pre planning the wedding day is one way of knowing where and when to be – but it also is a wedding, so the day will pan out as the day pans out – you have to be ready for anything.

Providing the Bride & Groom with a finished wedding film that they can watch over and over gives me great joy. My wedding films all run for approx 20 minutes and they are unique to the couple, and designed for them to view in the privacy of their own home, with family and close friends. I also make sure the finished DVD has a “special features” section with all of the speeches and the ceremony in full from at least one of the fixed camera positions i use on the day. That way the couple can keep a record of the day in full.

But i needed a way for not only me to share my creativity with the couple, but for them to be able to share their day with everyone involved in the day. Be it family, friends, guests, suppliers or even the photographer. It needed to be a Highlight of the day with a story behind it.

So the “Love Story Filmette” idea was born.

It is a way to get creative and tell a unique story that is relevant to the wedding and the couple. The MC may of spoken some amazing words, the Celebrant/Officiant may of delivered a heart warming ceremony, one of the speakers during the speeches may of spoken in such a manner and so warmly about the couple or the couple themselves may of spoken or exchanged loving words to each other. These are the key points that can be incorporated into a “Love Story Filmette”. And if you have also recorded relevant footage along the way then it can all come together very nicely indeed.

The “Love Story Filmette” is a Short Story Highlight Film – that captures the emotion of the day as it unfolds, and if it is created correctly it will give the couple, the family and the guests a way of re living the day in under 4 minutes. My “Love Story Filmette’s” are not a traditional “Highlight video” where you take footage from the day and add a music track (keeping in mind most of the ones on the internet are actually illegally using copyright protected music). This is basically giving you a music video of your wedding, which to some is perfectly fine and acceptable – but not to me.

I like to have a story behind the Highlight Film, i like to purchase licensed music that is suitable and relevant to the footage and style of film – and why not – your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you have saved and saved to be able to afford. You want all of your friends and family to enjoy themselves, so why not go the small extra step – capture the day on video – but do it in a unique way.

You will love the fact that it can be uploaded to the internet (and i use VIMEO as it is add free) and then shared and watched anywhere in the world.

I try very hard keep my prices affordable and offer a high quality end product. For this reason i work alone – it is also an easier way to be discreet, you do not have multiple videographers running around in the way – this way i can easily control the style, quality and qty of footage i record on the day.

Why not get in contact with Adams Photography & Videography today to find out how we can capture your day in our unique style and not only provide you amazing quality coverage of your wedding on film, but also a unique “Love Story Filmette” that all of your friends and family will be watching and talking about for years to come.

Check out the sample video below or visit our wedding website – and see our recent work online

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