Group Wedding Photos

A very important part of your wedding day should be making sure you have time to arrange a group photo.

This is the simplest way to make sure not only are all of your guests in a photo, but form a part of your wedding day.

Make sure you ask your photographer to set this up for you just after the ceremony, before everyone leaves for the reception. If they can bring a small ladder it will also help elevate the image to a new level.

Emma & Dusty - Group Photo (1 of 1)

Make sure the ceremony venue has a spot that this can be set up – and your guests are not looking into the sun.

Jessica & Brendon - Colour (492 of 1395)

It makes a great page inside your wedding album, and you can add other family photos around it. That way you have a complete record of who was at your wedding.

Robyne & Dean - Sample (33 of 46)

And there are no rules – you can have your guests stand however you like.

Todd & Nikki - Colour (730 of 1713)

I personally like all of my guests to be throwing their hands in the air while the couple are having an intimate moment

Casey & Joshua - Colour (464 of 995)

And it should be quick and easy to set up – and consideration should be taken for older guests, remember weddings are a family affair and that involves grand and great grandparents.

Alanna & Brett - Colour (low res) (492 of 1190) to find out more



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