Destination Wedding Videography

Destination Wedding Videography & its Rewards

Being a wedding videographer always has its rewards, all be it can be very hard work on the day/night with multiple camera setups, wireless and wired sound recordings. Lots of equipment to carry and always the need to be in 2 places at once needs a great moving company everytime I travel.

But its oh so rewarding at the end of it all. When i return from a shoot and look through the footage from the day, i can then start creating the story that the couple will be able to view and share. Yes the story happened in front of me, but its up to me to make sure its portrayed correctly to the end viewer.

So working away from home on a Destination wedding is one thing that i love to do even more than a wedding close to home. You get the opportunity to spend a little more time with the bride and groom, and the location of the wedding venue as well and metal roofing contractors brisbane to setup our beautiful roofing.

Just check out some of these images below – which are RAW images straight from the camera. I can not wait to get into the edit stage of this one.

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