Adams Photography & Videography

Adams Photography & Videography always try hard to make sure your wedding day memories are captured and preserved for you, your loved ones, family & friends to have forever.

We not only work extra hard on the day, we also spend hours behind the scenes preparing for your big day, (Batteries for the Still cameras charged, Batteries for the video cameras charged, lights charged, sound equipment – check, memory cards formatted and ready to shoot, microphones packed and lenses cleaned and ready to see, tripods, slider and mono pods in the car and light stands good to go).

Then I leave the office for the day with plenty of time to make sure I turn up for Bridal Prep shots, and I am always early to the first destination. About 10 hours later i leave the reception, making sure i have packed all of the equipment back into the car and say goodbye.

Then its time to copy all of the data off the cards, clean the equipment, unpack the car, backup the data from the shoot.

After your event I then spend endless hours sorting the footage and images, editing the photos or creating a Highlight Film that you will have to share. More and more time is then put into creating the feature film (that is if you had me video your wedding of course) otherwise i am editing your images from the day. I have to then create a new Blog Post and upload the necessary sample images (or the video) for you to view, share and show off how amazing you looked on your most important day in your life – to Family, Friends, the wedding guests and bridal party.

Once all of the images or footage is complete, i then bundle up the DVD’s, make the covers and my amazing wife packages them up ready to be mailed or delivered to your door.

Covering a wedding by recording either Video or Photos is a large task that non should take lightly. Its a very important job, not only are you there for the day, you have to prepare for the day and be prepared to work hard.

Then you need to complete the task and provide amazing images or creative and story based video.

So when i receive a phone call or an email after a wedding from a bride or groom, thanking me for the amount of effort i put in on the day, thanking me for the amazing video they have just watched or thanking me for the sensational photos they have just viewed on the blog – it really makes my job worth while.

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